A poster is not a paper. The content of a poster might correspond to that of slides used for a short talk: say about eight sheets of A4 paper, in large type, as might be achieved in LaTeX with:


(There is an example of slides on the page of speaking advice.) If you do use separate sheets of a4 paper, it is probably desirable to attach them to one big sheet.

You can also have your poster printed on a whole sheet of A1 paper. To prepare an appropriate file with LaTeX, you can use the a0poster documentclass; if this is not already installed in your system, you can get it from the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network.

The textpos package may be useful too, for placing text at arbitrary positions on the poster.

Useful links on preparing the content of a poster seem to include the following, although there may be differences in detail from what is appropriate for Antalya:

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