Antalya Algebra Days X

Talks will begin Wednesday morning, May 28, and end Sunday noon, June 1, 2008.

Registration (by April 11)

Notes for those planning to give talks

Abstract submission (invited and contributed talks; deadline for the latter is March 10)

We shall meet in Antalya Hotel (as we have since 2003) and we shall use the services of the people of Tivrona Tours (as we have since 2002).

Owing to the uncertainty of our funding sources, the registration fee for the meeting remains to be determined. (You can look up what it ended up being last year.) But prices for room and full board will be as in the last two years: for each day, for each person:

  1. € 37, in a single room;
  2. € 25, in a double room;
  3. € 22, in a triple room.

[photo of the Temple of Apollo at Side, east of Antalya]