Antalya Algebra Days VIII

May 17–21, 2006

Added after the meeting: The pre-meeting webpage continues:

We shall meet in Antalya Hotel, as in previous years.

Presentations will be oral or by poster. (People who display posters will be available for questions at certain times.) We are limiting the number of scheduled oral presentations this year, to leave more time for informal gatherings, or “special sessions”: to participate in one of these, please get in touch with one of the section coordinators.

One of the special sessions will be on pseudo random number generators.

If you want to submit a presentation, please consult our guidelines. The deadline for submissions is March 31.

We hope to obtain support from Tübitak; but participants with other sources of funding are encouraged to use them.

Without Tübitak support, rates will be:

 Termessos, 2005