Antalya Algebra Days VII

…was the meeting?
In Antalya Algebra Days, we bring together researchers and students who either do algebra or use it crucially in their work. Our topics are restricted to groups active in Turkey; nonetheless, each year participants can expect to hear talks where algebraists enthusiastically discuss algebraic structures, as well as talks where algebra is used to unveil the mysteries of structures far away from algebra at first sight.

Photo of the bay and mountains from Antalya Hotel.

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18–22 May, 2005. The schedule of talks is incorporated in the book of abstracts. (TeX files.) Satellite meeting.
(as in the last two years) Antalya Oteli in Antalya, Turkey. Added, 2005.05.25: Photos from the meeting are available.
Perhaps you! Please check the list of participants and send any corrections to <mesutsahin at>.
Plenary speakers:
  1. Toma Albu, Koç University, Turkey
  2. Ze-Li Dou, Texas Christian University, USA: SLIDES
  3. Vesselin Drensky, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria: PAPER
  4. Robert Hartmann, University of Leicester, UK: SLIDES
  5. Matthew Kerr, Max-Planck, Germany
  6. Alexander Klyachko, Bilkent, Turkey
  7. James D. Lewis, University of Alberta, Canada: SLIDES
  8. Victor Mazurov, Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Russia: SLIDES, PAPER
  9. Jacob Murre, University of Leiden, Holland
  10. Keith Nicholson, University of Calgary, Canada: SLIDES
  11. Piotr Pragacz, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
  12. Anthony Scholl, Cambridge, UK
  13. Patrick F. Smith, University of Glasgow, UK
  14. Vasudevan Srinivas, TATA, India: SLIDES
  15. Rick Thomas, University of Leicester: SLIDES
  16. Simon Thomas, Rutgers University, USA
  17. William Wickless, University of Connecticut, USA
  18. Robert Wisbauer, University of Düsseldorf, Germany
Ali Sinan Sertöz (Bilkent University; sertoz at
  1. Ersan Akyıldız (METU; ersan at
  2. Ayşe Berkman (METU; aberkman at
  3. Abdullah Harmancı (Hacettepe University; harmanci at
  4. Halil İbrahim Karakaş (Başkent University; karakas at
  5. Cemal Koç (Doğuş University, ckoc at
  6. Mahmut Kuzucuoğlu (METU; matmah at
  7. James D. Lewis (University of Alberta; lewisjd at
  8. Ali Nesin (Bilgi University; anesin at
  9. Hurşit Önsiper (METU; hursit at
  10. David Pierce (METU; dpierce at
  11. Piotr Pragacz (Polish Academy of Sciences; P.Pragacz at
  12. Simon Thomas (Rutgers University; sthomas at
  13. Alev Topuzoğlu (Sabancı University; alev at
  14. Ergün Yalçın (Bilkent University; yalcine at