Antalya Cebir Günleri/Algebra Days 2003

This year's meeting will be from Wednesday, May 28, until Sunday, June 1 at the Antalya Hotel. (Note that the phone number at the web page of the hotel is obsolete. The current number is (0242) 316 10 10.)

The talks will start at 9:00 on Wednesday and end at 11:40 on Sunday.

If you are flying to Antalya, then you can write to us your date and time of arrival so that we can pick you up at the airport.

If you are coming by bus to Antalya, then take the service bus of your bus company and tell the driver to let you off close to Antalya Hotel at Lara. (The Antalya Hotel is about 100 meters after Dedeman Hotel.)

The program and the list of participants are now available. Please do not print them, since we will provide copies for each participant.

The abstracts in their current state are available. They may be updated, and in any case we shall provide printed copies: you need not print out your own. (Added 2003.6.16: N. Shajareh's abstract has been edited since the conference.)

The organizing committee comprises: Ayşe Berkman, Alexandre Borovik, Nuri Çimen, Cemal Koç, Mahmut Kuzucuoğlu, David Pierce, Simon Thomas and Roger Wiegand.

Here are the coordinates for the local sub-committee of Berkman, Kuzucuoğlu and Pierce:

Please write us if you are interested in attending. The cost of attending is the cost of room and board; there is no additional registration fee.

Programs from previous years: